“Rethinking Incarceration” – School to Prison Pipeline

Many factors contribute to our massive rates of incarceration and one of the most disturbing causes is the school to prison pipeline. Kids as young as preschool are being suspended and fast tracked to a life of incarceration. I have invited Dominique Gilliard, author of the new book “Rethinking Incarceration”, back on the show to Read more about “Rethinking Incarceration” – School to Prison Pipeline[…]

“Rethinking Incarceration” – The Role of the Church

“Punishment devoid of grace is not justice but vengeance.” This is one of many powerful quotes from the new book Rethinking Incarceration by Dominique Gilliard. And on todays show you get to hear from Dominique. We are discussing the role of the church in mass incarceration. You can connect with Dominique at his website DominiqueGilliard.com. Read more about “Rethinking Incarceration” – The Role of the Church[…]

False Confessions

If you didn’t commit a crime why would you confess to the police? It seems unreasonable to think that anyone would do such a thing yet it happens more than you can imagine. This is the premise of the Netflix Documentary Series “The Confession Tape.” On today’s episode, I am joined by Producer Kelly Loudenberg Read more about False Confessions[…]

Ministry in a Military Prison

Most people forget that all over the country men and women are serving time in military prisons. These prisons function mostly the same way as state and federal penitentiaries but are used mainly as a way to reform the service members and get them back into duty. But many have dealt with trauma their entire Read more about Ministry in a Military Prison[…]

Justice Film Series – 13th

The Netflix documentary “13th” explores the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and how that shaped mass incarceration in this country. The Mile High Vineyard in Colorado hosted a screening of this film as part of their Justice Film Series. After the film, I had the honor in participating on a panel with Mary Tellis from Read more about Justice Film Series – 13th[…]

Jobs Mean Success

Good paying jobs play a very important role in helping those leaving prison stay out of prison and lead productive and fulfilling lives. But there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome. My guest today is Jane Northrup Glenn who founded Authority Staffing and has spent years helping people with records find good employment. Also Read more about Jobs Mean Success[…]

The Plea Deal

It’s estimated that about 98% of the accused never see their day in court because they have chosen to use a plea deal. Generally it is used to reduce their sentence or to plead to lesser charges. But in other cases someone might choose a plea deal to not financially strain their families. To discuss Read more about The Plea Deal[…]

Mental Health & Private Prisons

The “Tough on Crime” laws of the 80’s and 90’s led to the massive expansion of the private prison sector and all of the “for profit” enterprise and lobbying efforts that came with it. We must ask whether private prisons are effective, save money and help reduce recidivism as they claim. Or is the quest Read more about Mental Health & Private Prisons[…]