Ministry in a Military Prison

Most people forget that all over the country men and women are serving time in military prisons. These prisons function mostly the same way as state and federal penitentiaries but are used mainly as a way to reform the service members and get them back into duty. But many have dealt with trauma their entire Read more about Ministry in a Military Prison[…]

Justice Film Series – 13th

The Netflix documentary “13th” explores the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and how that shaped mass incarceration in this country. The Mile High Vineyard in Colorado hosted a screening of this film as part of their Justice Film Series. After the film, I had the honor in participating on a panel with Mary Tellis from Read more about Justice Film Series – 13th[…]

Humility to Hope

Richard Bronson was making a fortune and had access into the upper crust of society when the bottom dropped out from underneath him and he landed behind bars at a federal prison camp. He tells an inspiring story of finding humility in the ashes of his former life. After a long struggle, Richard has given Read more about Humility to Hope[…]

Jobs Mean Success

Good paying jobs play a very important role in helping those leaving prison stay out of prison and lead productive and fulfilling lives. But there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome. My guest today is Jane Northrup Glenn who founded Authority Staffing and has spent years helping people with records find good employment. Also Read more about Jobs Mean Success[…]