Community Supported Jobs

Cross Purpose in Denver partners with businesses to provide quality candidates to fill high level jobs. The people coming out of this program are highly motivated and desperate to prove themselves. These leaders come from backgrounds of poverty or incarceration and businesses are finding they are exactly the right fit for their companies. I got Read more about Community Supported Jobs[…]

Mentors Change Lives

Tony Ortiz rebuilt his life after incarceration and after years of hard work and training he was able to launch his own company. It gave him independence and a way to support his family. He has also invested his time as a mentor with Youth for Christ Denver. Tony invests into young people by employing Read more about Mentors Change Lives[…]

Incarcerating Kids

Working with kids is hard. But working with incarcerated kids is the ultimate challenge and it is a growing problem. Many kids who have been incarcerated find their way into adult prison. To help us understand this issue and the kids involved I have invited Preston Adams from Youth for Christ to join me on Read more about Incarcerating Kids[…]

“Rethinking Incarceration” – School to Prison Pipeline

Many factors contribute to our massive rates of incarceration and one of the most disturbing causes is the school to prison pipeline. Kids as young as preschool are being suspended and fast tracked to a life of incarceration. I have invited Dominique Gilliard, author of the new book “Rethinking Incarceration”, back on the show to Read more about “Rethinking Incarceration” – School to Prison Pipeline[…]

Advocacy and Solidarity

In order to advocate for the incarcerated we must first learn to stand with them. Shawn Casselberry is a renowned author, speaker and activist. He is also the the Executive Director of Mission Year. Shawn helps us understand why we must become advocates for the incarcerated and gives some easy steps to get into action. Read more about Advocacy and Solidarity[…]

Church in Proximity

When churches get into action they can make a large impact in the community they serve and can be perfectly aligned to love on those in and out of prison. My guest is Michelle Warren who is the Advocacy and Strategic Engagement Director for the Christian CommunityDevelopment Association. CCDA helps educate churches on how to engage in prison ministry Read more about Church in Proximity[…]